Welcome to my homepage.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Anita Ferreira. I grew up in Brazil; speaking English at home since my parents are US citizens. I studied in the University of São Paulo where I got my BS in Nursing.

In 1991, I moved to Florida and worked as a registered nurse for several years.  I started working as a freelance interpreter and translator while I was living in Brazil, and after moving to the US, I continued working as a freelance interpreter in a variety of assignments.  I also translated school transcripts, diplomas, birth certificates, rental agreements, medical records and others.

I really enjoy the challenges of interpretation and all the opportunities to work in different settings such as court interpreting, depositions, conference interpretation, business meetings, training sessions and phone interpretation.  I am always learning something new.

In 2007, I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to the interpreter and translator career, even though I still have an active Florida nursing license.

My goal is to enable accurate and seamless communication between Portuguese and English speakers. Having lived and worked in Brazil and the US has provided me with a unique set of skills and the cultural awareness that allows me to grasp the nuances, idioms, slang, jargons, acronyms and specific terminology that is always evolving and changing in the English language as well as in the Portuguese language.  In order to keep up with these trends, I am always reading and listening to television, radio and webcasts in both languages.
I am a Court Certified Portuguese interpreter, working mostly in the Central Florida area; however I have had the chance to work in other cities in Florida and in the US Virgin Islands. As a conference interpreter I have worked in many US cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas, Fort Worth, New York, San Diego, in Hawaii and internationally in Bermuda, Bahamas, Canada and Copenhagen.

For document translations, my focus continues to be on the accurate and seamless communication with attention to grammar, formatting and the meaning of words and phrases to ensure the correct message is delivered.